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The Future of Fitness Equipment.
Our aim is to help more people lead a fitter and healthier life. You have to create a habit and a pattern for life, we aspire to guide you by supplying equipment that suits your needs. We are responsible for showing leadership that will help motivate you and get you on your way to a happier healthier lifestyle.
Our trainers are available to discuss exercise programmes ensuring you achieve your goals.We have a team of specialists from all areas of the industry from the right Personal Trainer to a friendly approachable Sports psychologist and the most qualified nutritionist.

Future Fitness does not compromise on quality products and don`t believe you should either. We understand that warranties on equipment today are also very important and we believe should play a huge role in the decisions that people make when choosing a piece of fitness equipment. Our equipment has been trialed, tested and selected from some of the leading manufactures around the World. In addition we have backed our equipment with industry leading warranties and unsurpassed customer service.

Please call if you would like any personal advice or service or if you would like to visit one of our show rooms near you for a special appointment.
For a free consultation please contact our team via email: info@futurefit.tv
and let us guide you to a healthier lifestyle

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